Architect of "One of the Most Generous Programs in the Nation"

Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic
COVID-19 challenges charities, strains nations blood supply

Permanent Covid-19 eviction moratorium aims to prevent 'wave of mass evictions'

Assemblymember Santiago delivering PPE and other resources to our community: ABC 7, KTLA 5, NBC 4, KNX AM

Gavin Newsom signs law ordering mail-in ballots for November election

In the face of a pandemic, USC and partners provide food for those in need

Coronavirus and guns: California lawmaker wants Gov. Newsom to stop sales during outbreak

‘Hella connected’: How California lawmakers are governing from home


Homelessness & Affordable Housing

How the coronavirus is speeding California efforts to shelter the homeless

California’s homeless response

CORONAVIRUS and HOMELESSNESS, peril and promise


Amid coronavirus concern, 6,000 beds for LA’s homeless coming to parks facilities

Assemblymember Santiago Proposes CA Dedicate $2B Annually to Fight Homelessness

New California Bill Calls For $2 Billion To Fight Homelessness


This bill would let new homeless shelters and affordable housing bypass environmental law

California will limit rent increases under bill signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom

State leaders hear ideas for ‘immediate’ responses to homelessness crisis at LA Skid Row meeting

Homeless shelters in L.A. could be harder to block if Gov. Newsom signs this bill

Trump’s big idea to fix homelessness is to do what California is already doing — sort of


Higher Education

Free tuition at California public colleges helped the state prosper. There’s no reason it can’t again


Free Community College Bill Passes First Legislative Hurdle


Spending on free community college for Californians would pay off big for the state

Immigrant & Racial Justice

California Assembly backs plan to let voters decide on overturning affirmative action ban

UC Regents Back State Constitutional Amendment on Affirmative Action

State leaders propose ban on carotid artery restraint

California state lawmakers to ask for additional $10M to help immigrants from El Salvador

Local officials remind public of CA protections ahead of border agent deployment in 'sanctuary' cities

The Economy

Public banks can be formed in California: Newsom signs new law

Gov. Gavin Newsom proposes California foreclosure help using money diverted years ago

Trump’s tax returns required under new California election law

Parks & the Environment

Los Angeles Receives More Than $19 Million From State To Create, Fix Up Parks



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